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Hotel NL7 contact number ( Chumukedima )

We all love travelling right  😊? While travelling we have to spend our night and it should be a well a good place but at the same time in less price 🤑. So if you are travelling around Dimapur, Nagaland or around Chumukedima. Well you can look to spend some time at Hotel NL7. Which is located in Chumukedima just near the highway. 

Hotel NL7 Contact number

Or you might already have place to visit this place right. But wanna make sure about all details of the hotel before book a room. Well then we have provide Hotel NL7 contact number 📱, you can just give a call to know more about room condition, room price, if boys and girls allowed or not in the same room and etc. 

Hotel NL7 contact number:

Phone number: 03862 240 099

Email address: Well no email address as of now.

Hotel NL7 address:

2nd gate, Chumukeidma, Dimapur, Nagaland 797103

Well the it will not be difficult for you to find the Hotel as it is just near to Highway, you can also follow the google map or can ask some one near by. The Hotel NL7 is located near Central Marketing Complex Shopping mall. Just near to Hotel NL7 you will find UCO Bank Chumukedima Branch and also S.B Bakery & Sweets center. Charis Hight Academy (CBSE) is just behind Hotel NL7. 

Hotel NL7 Review:

So to make it for easy for you to make a decision on booking a room on Hotel NL7, we have provided with some google user review below. Do read the review before you make a decision. 

Hotel NL7 Review
IG_memes_out _of_nowhere:  The facilities is pretty much bad & even the room charge cost 1200 for single bed as i have been into some other lodge like cm hotel & Ngovi guest house they have the better facilities and charges only 800 per day , atleast even if the food & servings are bad rooms should be well & the room I stayed was even the pillows were dirty without washed im so sorry but I wont recommend it to others until & unless its an emergency stay , its a big lodge it should be maintained properly.

Otaku Nanako KHRO:  I book for a room on 114/09/21 ,I ask for the best room ,which cost 2000 per night, the room was with AC , tv, one single bed, attached bathroom. The service phone was not even working ,the room wall was full of tobacco spitting spots , the bedsheets and pillows was all stain and dirty ,the room service was yuck and everything was dirty and ewww , and the price for the room was 2000 .it's disgusting and gross 🤢 . please don't book in this hotel ,It's very dirty and disgusting . Don't want to give this hotel a star ,the lift was not even working.

Hotel NL7 review

There are many more review on Google review, you can read there. Also if you have already experience your stay at Hotel NL7 do write your feedback on the comment section. We will be happy to know your experience. 👍👍

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Location: Chumukeidma, Dimapur, Nagaland 797103, India


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  2. Thank you so much for providing hotel nl7 contact number and address details. I was looking for it and finally found here. It is a nice place to stay in chumukedima Dimapur nagaland. Hope to visit again


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